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I want to know you,
I want to know everything,
The Why and the when,
The where and the how.


It is a rainy evening in Nairobi, Long lines at the bus stop, Muddy, exhausted and hurrying feet, She is almost there. Feet in sodden socks and sharp toed boots, Are rushing to a rendezvous, Looking for an umbrella with… Continue Reading →

I Call Him James Bond

If anyone had told me that I would one day be seated across a table from James Bond at a fancy restaurant with three full pages of the menu dedicated to French and South African wines, I would have scoffed at them… Continue Reading →

Empty Nest

I’m seated on my couch pretending to watch the current episode of Scandal. My cellphone is on the floor. It’s ringing. I don’t know why it won’t stop ringing. I can’t tell who would be calling me at this hour… Continue Reading →


We rushed, Our worlds about to crush, Now there is just a hush.   Script n Ryhme by Shedyk.


Never did I allow myself the vaguest thought – That inside tin, timber and silicon boxes; Christened carriages and dragged along rails – By wizened, half-attentive engineers steering – A yellow-lined relic through Kibera, homeward – Love or Attraction in… Continue Reading →

Sahibu wa dhati.

Kuna binti kanizengue, Uhondo teletele kanibubujia, Kicheko twaliangua.   Tukiwa mamoja, Furaha inazolea, Tabasamu si haba.   Sahibu wa dhati keshakua, Kila uchao namuwaza, Roho nitamfungulia.   Script n Ryhme by ©Shedyk 2013

The moment.

Fill my hands with sand, Fill my mind with sighs. Let the time flow through our veins, Let the distance bind our sight. Soaking into each others embrace, We blur the future and sublime the past. We are frozen in… Continue Reading →

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