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I hope you liked the wines glasses, So here is a bottle of champagne, For what is a glass without wine. I hope you liked the awkward smile, So here is a heart full of affection, For what is a… Continue Reading →


I want to know you,
I want to know everything,
The Why and the when,
The where and the how.


It is a rainy evening in Nairobi, Long lines at the bus stop, Muddy, exhausted and hurrying feet, She is almost there. Feet in sodden socks and sharp toed boots, Are rushing to a rendezvous, Looking for an umbrella with… Continue Reading →

I Call Him James Bond

If anyone had told me that I would one day be seated across a table from James Bond at a fancy restaurant with three full pages of the menu dedicated to French and South African wines, I would have scoffed at them… Continue Reading →

Empty Nest

I’m seated on my couch pretending to watch the current episode of Scandal. My cellphone is on the floor. It’s ringing. I don’t know why it won’t stop ringing. I can’t tell who would be calling me at this hour… Continue Reading →


We rushed, Our worlds about to crush, Now there is just a hush.   Script n Ryhme by Shedyk.


Never did I allow myself the vaguest thought – That inside tin, timber and silicon boxes; Christened carriages and dragged along rails – By wizened, half-attentive engineers steering – A yellow-lined relic through Kibera, homeward – Love or Attraction in… Continue Reading →

Sahibu wa dhati.

Kuna binti kanizengue, Uhondo teletele kanibubujia, Kicheko twaliangua.   Tukiwa mamoja, Furaha inazolea, Tabasamu si haba.   Sahibu wa dhati keshakua, Kila uchao namuwaza, Roho nitamfungulia.   Script n Ryhme by ©Shedyk 2013

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