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Dance of Death

A reed will dance in the water from the rhythm of a gyrating stream a stone’s throw from the settlement whose stories remain untold. The drums whose music forces the dance are two wrinkled arms with rough ugly hands holding… Continue Reading →

So it goes.

You wake up with the rising sun, Drench your blood in your favorite variant of nicotine or caffeine, You are wired to toil till the sun sets, Fueling at preordained intervals. The moonlight glow marks another chance to rest, To… Continue Reading →


We rushed, Our worlds about to crush, Now there is just a hush.   Script n Ryhme by Shedyk.

{Debug mode}

Tired geek at the end of the week Content not coded to the Intent Wanting to ‘run’ life in debug mode   Building main life always returns an error At the rate of amnesia being high Why is debugging so… Continue Reading →


In another time, another life; All factors constant and considered, Both parties on the same wavelength, Scruples dangling uselessly on the window-sill – And the Other One conveniently inexistent: I’ll eat from your hand – a tamed beast, Toe the… Continue Reading →

Chronicles of Time

I got a pendulum in the house. Ticking away to every thought. My notions attentive to its motion.   I relapse at the laps of every hour. Slipping away like quicklime. The final lap should come before I collapse.  … Continue Reading →

My Obituary

Today, we shall lay to rest a man who wrote fifteen novels, bore three sons and a daughter, and waited to see tens of grandchildren. After 95 years, we finally mark the sweet leap to yonder of my mentor, the… Continue Reading →

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