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Write a Note

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Can’t remember the last time I wrote a note
A love note, a thank you note, a birthday note….just a note
Really…really write a note with pen and ink

I like sending an email,an e-card the pre-worded card that you just sign
But some people want to be touched by real communication
To laugh at your handwriting and smile at the sweet scented ink

Blame it on the keyboard, blame it on google
Blame it on Opera-mini, blame it on Facebook
Blame the wizard, for saying WYSIWYG

I need to get myself some stationary,inked pen and notepads
Am told to stay away from full-sized sheets,notes are best brief
Postcards might also work but I forgot how to forge stamps

Has writing notes become easier than I remember
Must be the auto-complete Microsoft has hooked us to
And the calligraphic templates that sometime seem out of place

Should I praise the recipient with splashing words
Or keep only the sections that are relevant to the purpose
But i will sure keep the teaser..makes one wanna read more

They say it improves the frequency & quality of the gifts you receive
So its will be worthwhile the shaking of my hand as I steady my handwriting
The key to writing a good note is to let the other person feel

Script n’ Rhyme
by Shedyk.

Shadrack Serem
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