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The Wizard of the Silicon Age

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Am the geek behind the stuff you call technology
Am the oracle of the future, enterprise planners worship at my alter
Am the prophesy of Galileo, the apple of Newton, the fulfillment of binary

Your grandparents shriek at the mention of my voodoo
Your Parents envy the efficiency that comes with me
Your children are addicted to the gadgets I churn

Am the enchantment that breaths your TV to life
Am the illusion that bring dinosaurs back to your living room
Am the hex that makes Spider-man concur skyscrapers

Your poetic notes get there form from my note editor
Your profile picture not so awesome without a little Photoshoping
Your answers so elusive without some Googling

Am the wick that transforms squeaky typewriters to word processors
Am the mirror that connects your smiley’s 🙂 around the world
Am the haunted creek house full of interconnected worldwide cob-web

Your snail mail gets there faster on my email chariot
Your comfy bedroom levitates aboard a Boeing airbus
Your dragon steam engines just got slain by my supersonic trains

Am the java charm behind every Android
Am the Symbian juju behind that cool Nokia phone
Am the amulet processor behind your classy iPad

Your blackberry used to be a fruit until I cast a gadget curse on it
Your windows where made of wood until my digital spell turned them soft’ ware
Your world was dark before my abracadabra turned water into electricity

Am the magic of the 21st century
Am the wizard of the silicon age
Am the Knight of the social era

Script & Rhyme
By Shedyk

Shadrack Serem
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