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See! I Forgot

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See! It was love at first sight, kiss at first mint
Hint with every wink, carbon chemistry boiling over
But Damn I forgot to get her number, How could I?

See! Last night was the best I ever had
It was my name she screamed all through
But Damn I forgot her name that morning, How Could I?

See! We had arranged an exciting party for her birthday
She invited her big time friends; she had to pull swag on
But Damn I forgot her age, How could I?

See! I plugged in this cool movie I wanted to watch
Threw myself on the sofa all legs up, and asked her for the remote
But Damn I forgot her favorite soap was on, How could I?

See! She had posted this elegant photo on Facebook
Tagged me all over it and even made it her profile pic
But Damn I forgot to like it, How could I?

See! It was the most romantic candle lit dinner
Chocolate top dressed cream, champagne to wash it down
But Damn I forgot my wallet, How could I?

See! Am on my knees with a rose flower
The ultimate question slipping out of my lips
But Damn I forgot the ring, How could I?

See! I made a promise never to forget her
To always remember her charm and treasure her bum
But Damn I forgot to set the reminder, How could I?

Script & Rhyme
(c) Shedyk

Shadrack Serem
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