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Terminal 1.

Everyone is in a rush School kids all over the place ‘Is it monday?’ Yelling touts and passengers scurrying off make up the rest of the bustle.   Two, three steps into the hustle, A whiff of Omena tickles my… Continue Reading →


It is a rainy evening in Nairobi, Long lines at the bus stop, Muddy, exhausted and hurrying feet, She is almost there. Feet in sodden socks and sharp toed boots, Are rushing to a rendezvous, Looking for an umbrella with… Continue Reading →

Street Sweeper.

I street Sweeper, I could you tell you my dreams! While I sweep, sweep clean all the alleys and bins, When I sing, sing songs of the cars and the clothes, That maybe one day, would give me a face… Continue Reading →

So it goes.

You wake up with the rising sun, Drench your blood in your favorite variant of nicotine or caffeine, You are wired to toil till the sun sets, Fueling at preordained intervals. The moonlight glow marks another chance to rest, To… Continue Reading →


We rushed, Our worlds about to crush, Now there is just a hush.   Script n Ryhme by Shedyk.

Transformation behind the razor

A soothing reggae tune oozes from the speakers Its message far more ominous and compelling, Sharper than the reverberating razor in his hands.   He gently cleans it in the best way he knows how Pouring over it a glistening… Continue Reading →


I want to know you, Trace the cracks on the wall you face, When the sun tucks away in the west. Know how you scream at the sight of a spider, The sound of your whisper in the midst of… Continue Reading →

Midnight Chinfest

A deck of cards, Chicken soup and bread, Hip-hop beats from the album Nirvana.   A gang of friends, A crazy conductor playing six pianos, Laughter cutting across the room.   It was bound to be a short night, As… Continue Reading →

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