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Once upon a Snack

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When did we abandon our kamado

Its our birthright–the ability to use fire to nourish ourselves

Its neither a silly luxury nor a scary burden.

One don’t need a Scottish accent for a sweet cuisine culinary


Buck up, soldier(chef), it’s time to learn.

Start simple. Start with spaghetti.

Scrub your hands before you start

Then gather up the gear –Like pots’ n pans


Check out “1000 Naked Things to Do with Mint”


Don’t be afraid to always experiment

It don’t have to be a seven course

I would love thee for breakfast,With or without sauce


You’ll be learning all the while —–

To pour and measure, mix and stir

And you can roast and boil, seethe or fry,

Make good thick soup and bake a tasty pie…


Have a hot pad handy when using the stove….its HOT

With Haggis and Eggs,Dear God I earnestly beg

The butter to melt and the sauce to run,

Don’t worry about the flavor it varies from Tigris to Timbuktu

But rest assured I’ll savor your zucchini,bite thee and lick me lips


But after all the work is done,

It will soon be time for dinner.

And when someone asks for seconds,

You’ll know you’ve cooked a winner!


Script & Rhyme

by Shedyk (march 2010)

Shadrack Serem
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