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Its all in the scansion

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Volumes in the tension
A detriment worth a mention
indulgence contributed to the pension

Raveling it in the multiple incension
Trying to manipulate every dimension
Forgetting the mind has an irretention

Though it might totally be a misapprehension
It has taken an awful gruesome perpension
Many a proof forms the ostension

It might be due to the need for subvention
The excuse for an economic recession
Not valid for a social contravention

Now determined to break this dissension
An urge to be relieved from undulating deception
Vengeance not part of the intention

Don’t look for a dictionary to do a dissection
Its only an acrimonious soul crying for an accension
For its all in the scansion

Script n Rhyme
by Shedyk

Shadrack Serem
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