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In readiness for a perennial sprout

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I will cry in the rain
Laugh at the wind
Smile with the snow

I may not change the seasons
I can sure change the reasons

They say make hay
While the sun shines
They forget to say make love
When the sun doesn’t shine

I want to kiss a butterfly in autumn
Fall in love in winter
Get dirty in spring
Beat the heat in summer

Why not have a wet Christmas
Skid in the mud
And cuddle in the shower

Erect a lighting arrester
And let currents flow deep down
Amidst the drenched garden

Shiver when the thunder strikes
Quiver when it strikes again

When it’s all over,
Let the musky grass soak
In readiness for a perennial sprout

Script n Rhyme
by Shedyk(November 9, 2010)

Shadrack Serem
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