It is not a contrasting white on black or vice versa

It is not the achromatic absence of light

Neither is it a glaring visual void ...

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I’m seated on my couch pretending to watch the current episode of Scandal. My cellphone is on the floor. It’s ringing. I don’t know why it won’t stop ringing. I can’t tell who would be calling me at this hour or why they have been trying to reach me for the past hour. The clock says it’s half past midnight. The carpet spread from one end of the living room to the next makes the house warm; and a little dusty when the sun’s heat loosens the dust from the unpaved path outside the gate. It also helps with the unwanted phone calls because having my cellphone ring on the floor reduces the startling vibrations and constant buzzing.   The bottle of Le Filou is half empty. It’s funny how I downed it after staring at many such bottles in the refrigerator and reaching for the broccoli or tomatoes instead. It’s...
©S.Ogugu 2014
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